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University of Florida
December 22, 2016

Dear Parents and Family Members of Weaver Hall,


I’m reaching out to inform and update you on a police investigation that began this fall in Weaver Hall. In September, a visiting student at the University of Florida was arrested by the University of Florida Police Department and banned from campus on two charges of recording video of men in a bathroom without their knowledge or consent. This week, additional charges were filed with the State Attorney’s Office for the Eighth Judicial Circuit against the student, even as law enforcement investigations continue.


Video voyeurism is a crime, as well as being prohibited under an express provision of UF’s Code of Student Conduct. For the past three months, the University of Florida Police Department has been in the process of conducting an investigation into the case and every effort was made to support and not interfere with the investigation so that justice can be done.


The UF Police Department and then other UF staff have reached out to all identified victims to make sure they had the Victim Advocate services and other resources they needed. UF will continue working with each victim to provide support and any additional accommodations to protect their well-being.


This behavior on our campus or anywhere is deplorable and clearly unacceptable. At UF, we are committed to caring for and protecting our students. If you have any concerns about a UF student being in distress or if you have any questions, please contact




Azfar Mian

Executive Director of Housing and Residence Education

University of Florida

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